Cycle Connect's Response to COVID-19


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Rural Families are Struggling in the Face of COVID-19

COVID-19 has rapidly spread across the world, leaving no corner untouched, including Uganda. This pandemic has left rural communities even more isolated and in need of basic resources.

Cycle Connect is Taking Action By:

Communicating Crucial COVID-19 Information

We launched a support call center to communicate out crucial information about COVID-19 to rural communities.

Providing Transport for Medical Workers

Healthcare workers are struggling to make it to the frontlines during the transport ban. We're moving fast to get bicycles into the hands of healthcare workers.

Preventing Hunger for Rural Families

Rural families are struggling to put food on the table. We're ensuring our community stays food secure through delivering seeds + tilling services.

Cycle Connect is Fundraising $50,000 to Support our COVID-19 Response Efforts

This funding will enable our team to:

1) Continue operating our call center which reaches over 5,000 rural families. 2) Provide funding for our team to get bicycles into the hands of over 500 healthcare workers. 3) Unlock access to critical resources for 400 rural families to maintain food on the table for 2,000 Ugandans.

Will you join us? $100 enables Cycle Connect to reach one rural household.

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Our Response is Reaching Individuals Like:

Oneka Michael

Michael is one of the many clients who reached out to our office to voice that they need our services now more than ever. Through our new Seed + Tilling loan, Michael will be able to access the services he needs to continue planting. Read Michael's story in our 4/3 blog update.

Ajok Lily

Lily is a nurse in Northern Uganda who was struggling to access the clinic she works at due to the ban on public transport. After receiving a bicycle donated by Cycle Connect, Lily can now show up and have the energy to fight on the frontlines. Read Lily's story in our 4/10 blog update.

Acio Harriet

Harriet's family is quickly running out of their food supply due to government regulations. She will be able to replenish her seed supply through our new seed + tilling loan. Read Harriet's story in our 4/17 blog update.

Eunice Oyella

Eunice's family is one of the many households that was able to receive seeds as part of our emergency response efforts. These seeds are enabling Eunice to begin planting to ensure food for her family through COVID-19. Read Eunice's story in our 5/15 blog update.

Our Progress to Date:


Rural Households Who Received our New Seed Loan

Our rapidly developed seed loan is preventing hunger for hundreds of families.


Bicycles Distributed to Healthcare Centers

This creates access for over 550 front-line workers due to each bicycle being shared by five people on average.


Phone Calls Made to Rural Households

The number of families who now have access to information on COVID-19 thanks to our call center.


Partners Joining Us In the Fight

Global and local partners who have stepped up to join hands with us in our response to COVID-19 in Uganda.

Stay Updated on Our Response:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we're offering weekly updates in the form of “Last Mile Dispatches in 3, 2, 1”, a new blog post that highlights the 3 most telling data points, the 2 most important decisions, and the #1 most informative story that we are hearing on the ground in Uganda during COVID-19.


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