October 2nd, 2020: Digest in 3, 2, 1

The 3 most telling DATA POINTS:

3,256 farmers partnered with this year- Our team has successfully reached over 3,256 farming families this year to date. Over 1,000 of these partnerships was through our emergency COVID-19 seed loan. We plan to work with an additional 750 farmers this year to reach a total of 4,000 families reached in 2020.

80% of clients paid digitally in September-  The pandemic has accelerated our progress on digitization, including making the bulk of our transactions digital. 

>150 applications received- Our team is growing fast and we’re currently hiring an HR Manager to assist with the growth. With over 150 applications received, we’re feeling confident in our ability to find an exceptional candidate. 

The 2 biggest UPDATES:

Meet our Development Manager, Anika Mohideen- Before joining Cycle Connect, Anika worked for a range of social enterprises and NGOs in Uganda and Sierra Leone in both development and operational roles. She is excited to move back to Uganda, and join the Cycle Connect team on the ground in 2021–we are happy to have her!

Welcoming Julius Kigundu to our board- Julius previously worked with Cycle Connect and he brings over 14 years of experience in ag-finance, credit, and currently works at FINCA, a leading MFI in East Africa. Julius is passionate about our mission and we are excited to welcome him aboard! 

The #1 most impactful STORY:

Akullu Rose achieved her biggest harvest yet in 2020 with the help of Cycle Connect.

Akullu Rose has partnered with Cycle Connect in the past to get a bicycle for her family. When the global pandemic hit, times were uncertain for Rose and she struggled to access the seeds she needed to feed her family and run her farming business. 

Rose heard about our emergency seed loan from her Cycle Connect field officer, Auma Naiwa, and she was able to quickly receive five bags of maize seed delivered to her home 40 miles away from town. The seeds enabled her to plant despite the shutdown and recession.

Not only did the seeds help Rose to keep food on the table for her family, but she was able to bring in one of her biggest harvests yet. She used the additional profits to purchase a pig for her farm. When asked by community members how she prevailed during these times, Rose says all she can say is ”Cycle Connect”.

We’re committed to helping more families, just like Rose’s, to prevail through these uncertain times. Donate today to join our journey; every $100 enables our team to reach one family in northern Uganda.