Equipping Ugandan Farmers with the Tools to Thrive


At Cycle Connect, we believe that every person should have access to the necessary tools to truly thrive.


The problem is that the vast majority of farming families in Uganda today lack access to basic agricultural tools because of both their physical distance from city centers and their lack of credit needed to invest in these tools.


Cycle Connect is changing this by combining income-generating tools, inclusive financing, and training to further create access to economic opportunity for farmers in the last mile.

Where We Began

Our journey began with a single bicycle when our founder discovered the empowerment, freedom, and opportunity that a bicycle can bring to a rural family. As a lease-to-own bicycle organization, we saw how bicycles were used to create access to critical resources, increase income, and improve rural livelihoods. The model worked so well that we decided to apply the same model to more productive assets to give our clients more opportunities to invest in their futures.


Our Work

We are committed to empowering rural farmers with the tools and training to propel forward out of extreme poverty. By offering income-generating assets on inclusive financing terms coupled with last-mile delivery, our team is going the distance to equip Ugandan farmers with the necessary tools to thrive. Our growing product offering enables Cycle Connect to be a lifetime partner to farmers in the last mile, allowing them to continuously invest in their family's future year-over-year.


Our Impact

Our team is 100% committed to providing rural families in East Africa with a pathway out of poverty. Since 2014, we have partnered with over 12,000 farmers to provide tools and training to increase their income. This translates to our team impacting over 60,000 Ugandan lives.