Providing Transport for Healthcare Workers

Our team is distributing bicycles to ensure essential workers can show up to the frontlines.

With public transportation being prohibited in Uganda, bicycles have become more important than ever in ensuring timely medical access.

After reaching out to over 60 medical clinics through our support call center, our team heard that transportation is one of the top issues at this time and healthcare workers are struggling to reach their place of work.

We're Taking Action By:

Donating Bicycles to Healthcare Workers

Our team is moving fast to get more bicycles into the hands of healthcare workers and to rural families who need them most.

$100 provides a bicycle for a healthcare worker. Provide a Bicycle for a Healthcare Worker »


Bicycles Distributed

To date, our team has already distributed 109 bicycles in the communities we work to ensure access to transportation for healthcare workers and to essential staff during the ban on public transport in Uganda.

Supporting Healthcare Workers Like Lily Ajok

Lily Ajok is a nursing officer at St. Philips, a local health clinic that operates in the same region of northern Uganda as Cycle Connect. She lives in Aworanga in a small family home with her husband. Typically to get to work, Lily takes a motorcycle taxi which will get her to the clinic in 15 minutes. But, due to the severe bans on public transportation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, motorcycle taxis are unable to move–forcing Lily to resort to walking 80 minutes to reach the clinic.

Lily is among the healthcare workers who received bicycles from Cycle Connect. Now Lily can get to work in 20 minutes on her bicycle and has the energy to fight hard on the frontlines. Our team is working around the clock to get bicycles into the hands of more healthcare heroes, just like Lily.

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$100 provides a bicycle for a healthcare worker

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