Increasing Income for Smallholder Farmers in Uganda


Connecting Farmers to the Necessary Tools to Propel Forward

We are on a mission to increase income for smallholder farmers in East Africa through productive asset-financing and training. Our unique blend of assets, inclusive financing, and training allows our team to connect farmers to the necessary tools to move forward.



As an impact-oriented company, our loans are purposefully designed with the benefit to our customers at the core. While other financial institutions prioritize profit, we focus on giving loans that have a direct impact on the farmer’s ability to increase income over time, using products that are fully vetted, tested, and piloted.


A large majority of our farming clients are deep rural, with limited means of accessing traditional financial services. Our customer service model is fully focused on going to them – which means getting to know their community, collecting payments in-person, hand-delivering the assets, and being present to train and troubleshoot.


We’ve devised our terms and conditions to respond to the unique needs of our deep-rural customers. This means our initial down payment requirements, repayment schedules, and collateral needs are all designed to responsibly lower the adoption threshold so more farmers can access our income-producing assets.


All of our products are vetted and tested by the Cycle Connect innovations department for their ability to increase income for rural farmers.


A bicycle loan allows our clients to go farther to access critical resources such as water, education, and healthcare. With a bicycle, a client can carry 5x more crops, go 4x the distance, and increase their income by 35%.

Oxen & Plow

An oxen & plow loan allows our clients to till twice the amount of land in half the amount of time. Not only can a loan help save on oxen rental fees, but the client is able to rent out his fleet with a profit of $550 per year for rental only.


A motorcycle loan allows our clients to go farther and faster than ever before. With a motorcycle, our clients can carry more, save on travel costs, and increase their income through using the boda as a taxi company.

Grinding Machines

A grinding machine loan is a great business investment for our clients who want to start a business. The grinding machine increases income for the client and their family while also creating access for a whole community.