Digest in 3, 2, 1

2022 is a year of expansion for Cycle Connect. We are reaching rural communities we’ve never reached before. In this Last Mile Dispatch, we are providing an update on our most telling impact, biggest updates, and most impactful story from the last few months.

The 3 most telling DATA POINTS:

Increased sales with 92% through the outpost expansion – Our team has worked hard to set up more outposts in order to reach more rural clients. By improving our sales by 92%, we have served 199 clients so far.

Tested 1 new asset (pasting machine) with 3 different clients- To add to our product portfolio, we spent the last months testing out a new product, a machine that produces local peanut paste. We are currently in the process of testing revenue generation in order to inform a better loan structure and loan terms. 

Added 11 field staff and 21 agents- Every new satellite office creates new job opportunities for the people in the communities we work within. This quarter, we added 11 field staff and 21 agents to drive sales in these last-mile communities.

The 2 biggest UPDATES:

Launching two more outposts –  Our team has successfully launched two more rural sub-offices across northern Uganda bringing it to a total of five with the sixth to follow this month. These new offices are enabling our team to create access to financially excluded communities and reach them faster than ever before. 


Adopted an agent model to further reach last mile communities- At the start of the year, we were only conducting primary research to give us further insights into expanding this model and had only put out 12 agents. We are glad to report that since then, we’ve expanded and fully adopted our agent model which is enabling us reach out to more clients in last mile communities.

The #1 most impactful STORY: Okot Alfred

Okot Alfred is a full-time farmer. Before learning about Cycle Connect, Okot faced challenges in being able to till his land and produce a sufficient harvest for his family. He had access to land and wanted to open up more to effectively till, however, he lacked access to the right equipment fit for his land.

When he finally got connected to Cycle Connect he secured an oxen and plow loan, which has helped him expand his land and hire out his oxen and plow for his neighbors to use as well. Okot is now the go-to farmer in his village!

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