COVID-19 Support Call Center

In a time when our team can't go the physical distance to reach last-mile communities, we're turning to digital means.

Having worked with last-mile communities for over ten years, we know that our clients in last-mile communities either get no information, false information, or late information.

Last Mile COVID-19 Communication

We’re ensuring farmers have the necessary information through our newly launched support call center that both communicates out COVID-19 prevention methods, symptoms, and information on what to do if the virus is contracted.

We're Communicating:

COVID-19 Prevention Methods

We're communicating out prevention methods against COVID-19, such as washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

COVID-19 Symptoms

False information is spreading faster than the virus. We're educating last-mile communities on the symptoms declared by the CDC.

What to do if you have symptoms?

We're relaying the support procedures and contact lines provided by the government for people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.


We're Reaching over 5,000 Rural Households

Our field team of 20 is working hard from home to reach out to rural households, so that despite distance, remote communities can be educated on COVID-19.


Leaning Into Our Data

After speaking to more than 1,700 rural households, our team was able to not only communicate our pivotal information about the virus but also collect data on what challenges these families are facing at this time.

The Data Led Us to Action:


Getting bicycles into the hands of healthcare workers.

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Creating access to critical resources for rural families.

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Cycle Connect is Fundraising $50,000 to Support our COVID-19 Response Efforts

This funding will enable our team to continue operating our call center in order to continue to provide crucial information to families living in the last mile. In addition, this will support our other response efforts such as distributing bicycles to healthcare workers and creating access to seeds for farmers to ensure food security.

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