At Cycle Connect, we saw the challenges our community was facing amidst COVID-19 and we took action. See our response in numbers below.

2,890  Phone Calls Made

In March, before the government of Uganda even imposed remote work, we led our team to be repurposed from a field-based one to that of a remote support call center. Within 48 hours our officers were ready to go with call scripts and our research team auditing the process. 

>550 Emergency Seed + Tilling Loans Distributed 

Hearing hundreds of the clients we spoke with share the same challenge of being unable to access seeds, we knew we had to act. This led to our team rapidly designing a seed loan to help farmers plant and provide for their families through the lockdown. This is new to us, but we adapted.

110 Bicycles Donated 

By interviewing medical clinics in our community, we discovered transport is a top challenge amidst lockdown and is causing first responders to not make it to the front-lines. This data led our team to donate 110 bicycles to healthcare clinics in our community.

40 Remote Workers

Like many organizations, we’re working from home and staying connected virtually. It’s not the easiest to hold video conferences with 40 remote workers in Uganda but we pull it off. 

5 Partners Joining in the Fight 

Our partners have made us– and the communities we work with–ever more resilient and now is when our team feels that most. Special shout outs to Yunus Social Business, Peery Foundation, Pace Able Foundation, Mighty Ally, and OneDay

Want to be a part of the work we’re doing on the ground in Uganda? Support our response efforts by making a donation today. Every $100 enables our team to reach one rural household.