Bicycles Against Poverty was founded over a decade ago with the belief that distance should not be a barrier to access and opportunity. While we remain firmly rooted in this founding principle, we have experienced tremendous growth: in both our organization and in the impact we’re able to achieve. And this growth – like any growth – leads us down new roads. It is with incredible excitement that today I announce that Bicycles Against Poverty is rebranding to Cycle Connect.

The new name and brand of Cycle Connect gives us clarity and momentum. Armed with this new brand, we will be able to go even further to provide access to people regardless of where they live, giving them the chance to connect and build a better future. Most importantly, our clients will know that we can be lifetime partners with a variety of products.

It is an exciting evolution and one that signals our potential. Our journey began with a single bicycle and today we are working with thousands of Ugandans to provide the opportunity to invest in multiple productive assets (e.g. bicycles, oxen & plow, motorcycles). Over the next three years, we plan to reach over 15,000 clients, add another branch, and expand to one additional region in Uganda. We also plan to roll out 1-2 new products to add to our growing asset-financing portfolio.

Cycle Connect is committed to going the distance to provide access and opportunity for even more Ugandans. I am so grateful for all of the support we have received to enable us to get to this point. Most of all I am excited for all of the new ways we can partner together to create access and opportunity for even more Ugandans.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


Molly Burke, CEO