Connect a Ugandan Farmer to Opportunity

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Together we can connect farmers in Uganda to the tools they need to propel forward out of poverty.

The Ugandan farmers that Cycle Connect partners with all have dreams and ambitious goals for their family’s future, but they lack the access to the tools to get them there. By creating access to transformational products in the last mile, your support gives Ugandan farmers the opportunity to launch forward out of poverty and to achieve the goals for their life.


Connecting Farmers Like Akello Anna

Your support creates access for farmers like Akello Anna. Akello, a single mother in Uganda, received a bicycle from Cycle Connect on loan. She used it to travel to her farmland more often, which is over six miles away. With her bicycle, Akello doubled her harvest, translating to more money to invest in the future of her family. Now, Akello is looking to invest in more products from Cycle Connect to move her even closer to the long-term dreams she has for her family.


Connect a Farmer Today

In 2021, Cycle Connect is fueling up to reach 5,000 rural families to impact over 25,000 Ugandan lives. Help us make this a reality by supporting a rural Ugandan farmer today! Every $100 creates access for one family.


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Connect a rural Ugandan with a bicycle.


Equip a farmer with an ox and plow to grow their harvest.


Create access and opportunity for 10 families in northern Uganda.


Enable Cycle Connect to reach over 50 rural families who are cut off from basic resources.

Download our 2020 Program Report

Learn more about the journey that Cycle Connect took in 2020 by downloading our Program Report.

Our team could not have achieved this level of impact without the support of our generous global community.


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