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At Cycle Connect, we believe that every person should have the opportunity to invest in their future. This is why we are committed to equipping rural Ugandan farmers with the necessary tools they need to propel forward. We believe that with the right products, we can empower farmers to become their own solution to breaking out of the cycle of extreme poverty.

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To date, Cycle Connect has partnered with 6,000 Ugandan farmers to impact over 30,000 rural Ugandans. 2,500 of those partnerships were formed in 2019.

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We Equip Ugandan Farmers to Propel Forward out of Extreme Poverty Through Offering:



Productive Asset Distribution

Cycle Connect finances tools for farmers that enable them to increase their income through added efficiencies.

Financial & Agricultural Training

Our team seeks to create the highest level of impact through training farmers on financial literacy and product use.

Last Mile Financing

We go the distance to provide financial inclusion to rural farmers and offer terms and conditions that work for them.


Cycle Connect's 2019 Impact

In 2019, Cycle Connect equipped 2,500 rural farmers with the necessary tools to increase their income--leading to positively impacting over 12,500 rural Ugandans.


Productive Assets Distributed



Rural Ugandans Impacted


Financial Literacy Trainings Conducted


Miles Traveled to Reach Farmers

In 2019, We Worked With Farmers Like Ongom Geoffrey

Ongom Geoffrey is a farmer in northern Uganda. Geoffrey lost his left leg from stepping on a landmine that was left behind from the ten-year civil war that plagued northern Uganda. He didn't let his disability stop him from growing his farming business. Geoffrey took an oxen and plow loan from Cycle Connect in 2019. Despite his disability, he found a way to guide the oxen through the field. The oxen have enabled him to harvest 3x more than he could from hand tilling his land. Geoffrey is investing his increased profits in his family's future. With his savings, Geoffrey has been able to put all of his five children in school and is working with his wife so she can open a hair salon in their community which will provide additional income.

Looking Towards 2020

Our team is gearing up to equip 6,000 farmers with income-generating tools in 2020 to empower over 30,000 rural Ugandans to escape extreme poverty.


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At Cycle Connect, we envision a world where everyone living in the last mile has the means to thrive, not just survive. Be a part of equipping 6,000 farmers in 2020 with the necessary tools to propel forward, leading to empowering over 30,000 Ugandans to escape extreme poverty.


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