Molly Burke

CEO & Co-founder

CEO | Co-Founder

Molly has led Cycle Connect from a start-up project to a fully operational enterprise. Under her leadership Cycle Connect has grown across two different cities in Northern Uganda, serving over 10,000 clients all of which is supported by a team of over 40 full-time staff. She led the organization to grow the portfolio of products, moving it from a lease-to-own bicycle distributor to that which serves multiple tools for farmers to pay back over time. Her passion is to push the boundaries of exploration and challenge what’s possible to further unleash the potential of smallholder farmers in Uganda. This is why she led the establishment of Cycle Connect’s innovations department to ensure that the organization continuously adapts.

Molly’s work with Cycle Connect led to achievements such as being a Mulago Rainer Arnhold fellow, a 2019 Social Entrepreneur member of the Miller Center’s GSBI program, a 2015 SHONA fellow, and a National Geographic Traveler of the year.