Hope Okoronkwo

Head of Operations

With 12 years’ overall experience, Hope’s technology background in the US coupled with his social enterprise expertise in Africa provides him with an impressive skillset to help address the operational and systems needs at Cycle Connect. After earning his Master’s in Sustainable International Development where he completed a thesis on Ghana’s agricultural policies and rural smallholder farmers alongside an internship focused on agricultural policy at IFAD’s Washington, D.C., office, Hope moved to Africa to work in social enterprise. He assisted a mobile payments startup in Zambia close a $3M Series A investment from US investors while growing its electronic platform’s loan transactions volume by 250% and total value by 300% in 6 months through the introduction of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). He also developed a soybean project targeting 7,000 rural women farmers in Ghana that generated support from USAID-FinGAP, a UK agricultural corporation, and local processing companies. In addition, he prepared a comprehensive business plan that proposed a 1,000 rural farmer input credit backed supply chain to help transform an emerging agribusiness in Uganda into an agro-processor and ready the enterprise for new capital.