Our impact is defined by the success of our clients.

The majority of our customers are subsistence farmers in Northern Uganda who live below the poverty line – with 85% living on less than $2 a day, and 15% on less than $4 a day.

Who We Serve

We’re committed to journey with customers who grow alongside our company. Customers we can invest in – year over year – and work with to accelerate income growth for their families.

Through our expanded income-generating product offering, our model is able to stretch a customer’s lifetime value as they continue to invest in tools that will propel them forward. This breadth allows Cycle Connect to become more sustainable and to generate the highest level of impact.


Okidi Roberts

Okidi Roberts is a smallholder farmer in Amunya village in Omuru district in northern Uganda. Okidi has been a customer of Cycle Connect since 2014. He started with a bicycle loan and moved on to invest in more transformational products from Cycle Connect; including another bicycle, solar, and oxen & plow loan. By being able to invest in the necessary tools from Cycle Connect, Okidi is on his way to the dreams he has for his family, his land, and his community.

Okidi Invests in a Bicycle

Okidi's journey with Cycle Connect began in 2014 when one of our team members visitied his VSLA group to share about our bicycles. Okidi put in an application and was approved for a bicycle loan.

Not One But Two Bicycles

Okidi's bicycle allowed him to sell his crops at markets farther away at a higher price and to go there more often. The bicycle also helped his children reach school far away. The bicycle was such a good investment that Okidi decided to invest in another bicycle.

Lighting The Way Forward

Okidi saw how transfomational his two bicyles were for his family and him and his wife decided to invest in a solar light loan to bring power into their home and light their way forward.

Oxen and Plow

Okidi's most recent investment includes a oxen and plow loan. Okidi can till twice the amount of land in half the amount of time with his oxen. Not only does he save on rental fees, but he is also then able to rent out his fleet with a profit of $550 per year for rental only.

Lamarao Kevin

Lamarao Kevin has been a participant of Cycle Connect since 2014. When Lamaro first took a bicycle loan, she found that one bicycle wasn't enough to meet the needs of her family and business; so she paid it off quickly and went on to invest in another bicycle. She went on to invest in other loans from Cycle Connect, including a solar light loan and a oxen & plow loan. She says she is looking forward to next taking a motorcycle loan from BAP to help her continue to go the distance to achieve her dreams.

Lamaro Invests In Her First Bicycle

Lamaro's journey with Cycle Connect began when she first invested in a bicycle loan.

Not One But Two Bicycles

Lamaro's bicycle allowed her to carry more crops to the market, made it easier to access water and healthcare, and helped her children reach school. But one bicycle wasn't enough to meet the growing needs of her family so she quickly paid off the bicycle and invested in a second bicycle.

Oxen and Plow Loan

When Lamaro learned that Cycle Connect was offering products beyond bicycles, she was interested in another product that would help her grow her farming business. She invested in an oxen & plow loan and used the ox to till twice the amount of land to produce twice the amount of crops.

Going The Distance

Lamaro is using her productive loans from Cycle Connect to achieve the dreams she has set before her. She is interested in next taking a motorcycle loan to go farther and faster than ever before.

Ojok James

Ojok James is a retired soldier whose journey with Cycle Connect began in 2015 when he received his first bicycle loan. He went on to further invest in a grinding mill from Cycle Connect. This machine allowed Ojok to open a grinding business. The grinding machine is not just creating access for his family but is creating access for a whole community.

Ojok Invests In A Bicycle

The first investment that Ojok James made from Cycle Connect was in a bicycle loan. Ojok and his family used the bicycle to save on transportation costs and to carry crops to the market.

Further Investment

Ojok learned about Cycle Connect's other productive assets and was immediately interested in a grinding machine. He applied and was approved for a grinding machine loan.

Ojok Starts A Business

Ojok used the grinding machine to launch a small business in his community where fellow farmers can come pay to use the machine. The loan was not just providing access for Ojok and his family but for a whole community.

Accelerating Forward

Ojok's loans are helping him greatly increase his income and accelerate forward towards the dreams he has for his family and his community.

Oyet Jimmy

Oyet Jimmy's journey with Cycle Connect started with a bicycle. When Jimmy learned that he could invest in other products, beyond bicycles, he was excited. Jimmy quickly paid off his bicycle and even helped other members of his savings group pay off their bicycles. Jimmy went on to invest in a motorcycle loan. With his motorcycle, Jimmy is going the distance and closing the gap between him and his dreams!

Oyet's Bicycle

Oyet Jimmy was very interested in a bicycle loan when a Cycle Connect team member visited his village savings group. He quickly applied and was approved.

Completion Of Loan

Oyet worked hard to use his bicycle to quickly pay off his loan. He even helped other members of his group to pay off their bicycle loans.

Bicycle to Motorcycle

After learning about Cycle Connect's other products, Oyet applied for a motorcycle loan and was quickly approved. He used his motorcycle to start a taxi business which helped him greatly increase his income.

Going The Distance

Oyet's bicycle and motorcycle are helping him go farther and faster than ever before towards his dreams.