Cycle Connect is focused on moving farmers in East Africa out of extreme poverty. We believe that distance should not be a barrier to opportunity and that is why we work on serving last mile farmers. 

Millions of farmers are financially excluded and yet need access to assets on credit. This is where Cycle Connect delivers, as we specialize in offering productive assets on financing plans, reaching the most last mile customers, and offering low barrier loan terms built for farmers, enabling them to increase their income and in turn propel their communities forward. 

We began our full-time operations in 2014 and quickly pivoted to a social enterprise approach. We recently rebranded to further strengthen our commitment to a blended enterprise and impact model. We have a growing number of assets in our portfolio, including oxen and plough, bicycles, motorcycles, grinding machines, and a rich pipeline for even more. To date, we have worked with around 5,000 farmers across two branches supported by 40 team members (and growing!). 

LOCATION: Gulu, Uganda

REPORTS TO: Head of Innovations

DIRECT REPORTS: Local enumerator team



As the Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow, you will work with the Head of Innovations to design and test a process to evaluate the impact of our loan products on smallholder farmers. We want you to work independently to recommend cost-effective ways to measure change in farmer income that can be attributed to financed bicycles, oxen and plough, milling machines, and motorcycles. 

  1. Bicycles – We finance bicycles to thousands of smallholder farmers a year, and we have collected initial field data. We want to improve our collection and analysis processes to include both qualitative and quantitative data. We want to test different methods for systematizing and rolling out regular data collection to scale to more respondents at a lower cost. 
  2. Oxen and Plows – We finance a few hundred oxen and plow loans to farmers a year. We want you to design a new method for collecting income change data at the borrower level for oxen clients. We have a lot of material to get you started. You have to understand how best to collect yield, plots cultivated, and income from renting out oxen and plow.
  3. Other loans – We finance a few dozen motorcycle and grinding milling machines a year. We want a strategy to collect the right information to better understand how these products affect borrowers’ income.

We have no plans to hire permanent M&E staff in the future. Your role will be to work mostly autonomously to evaluate our current data collection process and present a detailed way forward to improve our current systems. You will also have the chance to test your methods with a team of enumerators who will gather data from our customers at their farms and households. These tools will then be transferred to our existing staff. 

The Fellow role will last 3 months and be based in our Gulu office, ideally starting in November 2019.



Design an Impact Evaluation toolkit  (30%)

  • Work with a technical expert to build a Theory-of-Change and M&E framework
  • Use “Lean” approaches to design and field test a data collection and analysis process
  • Recommend tools and methods to assess how our products affect farmer income
  • Create a toolkit for our staff to implement your study

Test the Monitoring and Evaluation process (70%)

  • Build surveys and other tools aligned with our Theory-of-Change
  • Recruit, train, and oversee enumerators to deliver surveys
  • Analyze initial results and present findings




  1. You have at least one year of experience running or designing field research 
  2. You have experience working in low literacy communities with limited mobile coverage
  3. You have strong computer skills and experience with MS Excel
  4. You have experience with statistical software such as  STATA or RStudio
  5. You are detail-oriented and stay organized even when plans change
  6. You are able to put together a research plan with minimal assistance
  7. You are able to deliver results independently
  8. You have lived abroad in a developing country, preferably within East Africa

Cultural Fit

  1. You are able to build new systems in an unstructured environment
  2. You are able to work independently with little oversight
  3. You are comfortable traveling by motorcycle in a rural setting as a passenger
  4. You are fast-paced and efficient
  5. You are able to adapt quickly when plans change



  1. Real responsibility: The research you will conduct will directly impact the loan products and terms Cycle Connect offers. At Cycle Connect, we are constantly seeking to build the best company. This means we take your feedback seriously and you can see your individual effort in improved procedures.
  2. Professional development and career enhancement: we believe in investing in our team. We have a strong network in the region and we will personally leverage it to help our Fellows advance professionally.
  3. Autonomy and real field work: you will have the autonomy and freedom to run your research, try new things, and manage your own projects. Plus, when we say field work we really mean it: spending time with rural farmers in their homes and with their businesses.



You will work out of our office in Gulu. Expect to spend about 40-50% of your time in the field. Fellows are compensated with a housing and living stipend. This position reports to Head of Innovations.

Please use the online application form to apply to this position. This position is open to both International applicants and Ugandan Nationals. Contract is for three months stipend only. Internationals are required to have a valid work permit.



Only Online Applications are accepted. Interested candidates can apply online here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rppT7ErVtiCJEfsXDEOhSUtcrH_Aj_W_wPgg9GtFfUU  or visit www.cycleconnect.org careers page to apply.

Deadline: 15th of October 2019